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Hi we are Erin and Cathy.  We are friends who love to chat and tell our stories. Everyone has a story. What's yours?

We aim to add inspiration and motivation to your life through our podcast.

Our podcasts will tell real stories about real people. We will learn, laugh, maybe even cry. But most importantly we will be inspired by beautiful people that inspire us to live our best lives.

We invite you to listen to us on your morning or evening commutes, taking the kiddos to school or just having a morning cup of coffee. Tired of all the negative and sad stories you hear all the time these days? We will be sharing inspirational, inspiring and poignant stories about real people and their journeys.  We hope you feel as you listen that you're chatting with good friends and we look forward to hearing your comments!

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We love our listeners. Please feel free to share your stories for us to read on our podcast or let us know if you would like to be interviewed. We also want your feedback and questions! Please tell us what type of stories you would like to hear.  share@thestoryinus

Listener reviews

"What a wonderful thing you and your friend are doing! Power to you for focusing on the positive and the beauty in life."

Nicole Luszczak

Show Notes

Episode1 Getting to Know you 

Episode 2 Two sisters, 7 Hearts

Episode 3 Age is just a number

                   Episode 4: A Gold Star Dad honors his fallen son

Episode 5: A Girl and Her Alpaca

Episode 6: Can You Communicate With Your Pet?

Episode 8:  Get Into the Mind of an Author

Episode 13 Pack Up Your Bags and Go


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Episode 11 An Unexpected Journey

A girl from Whittier CA answers a call from her church to visit Uganda (by herself) finds her true love and together they find their purpose in life.

Episode 12 We're Going On an Adventure!

We catch up with our listeners and discuss summer is on our minds as we are about to head out on our EPIC surprise trip! Listen and hear the details about what should be a really great adventure!

Episode 13 Pack Up Your Bags and Go

 Having gone on our amazing mystery trip to Chicago, we explore travel: apps that you need, websites where you can find cheap (VERY CHEAP) airfares, traveling solo, up and coming new destinations in the U.S. and internationally as well as fear of flying (OURS!) Hope you enjoy and learn something alo